Full-care boarding with three barns, and several pricing packages available.


Board includes high quality coastal hay and grain, and the feeding of SmartPak supplements provided by the owner. We ensure each horse gets the right amount of nutrients and calories for their size and training program. Alfalfa hay and select supplements are available for an additional fee.

Turn out:

One of the best, and most unique benefits of boarding at Calliope is the large, shaded turnouts. Each horse is given daily turnout, weather allowing. We cannot stress enough how important we believe this is for the mental and physical health of horses, and we are very proud to offer it!


Each horse has their own stall. All stalls are large, and well-ventilated. Stall placement is carefully selected based on each horse's temperament, and turnout schedule.

Troughs and buckets are kept clean. Fans are turned on as needed during warm weather, and heavy blankets are put on as needed during Winter.

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